Quick reference


Parametric(*args, **kwds) The basic parametrized class.
Parametric.params([nested, type]) Get parameters as a dict.
Parametric.paramnames([type]) List names of parameter for this class.
Parametric.defaultparams([nested, type]) Get default parameters as a dict.


Executable(*args, **kwds) The base class supporting execution and plugin mechanism.
Executable.prepare() [to be extended] Prepare for run/load; e.g., execute upstreams.
Executable.run(*args) [to be extended] Do the actual simulation/analysis.
Executable.save() [to be extended] Save the result manually.
Executable.load() [to be extended] Load saved result manually.
Executable.finish() [to be extended] Do anything to be done before exit.
Executable.execute(*args) Execute this instance.
executables.Loader(*args, **kwds) Data source loaded from disk.
executables.Plotter(*args, **kwds) An Assembler subclass specialized for plotting.
apps Application base classes.
apps.Computer(*args, **kwds) Application base class.
apps.Computer.cli([args]) Run Command Line Interface of this class.
apps.Memoizer(*args, **kwds) Computer with HashDataStore.


Plugin(*args, **kwds) Plugin base class.
Plugin.prepare() [to be extended] For a task immediately after Executable.prepare.
Plugin.pre_run() [to be extended] For a task immediately before Executable.run.
Plugin.post_run() [to be extended] For a task immediately after Executable.run.
Plugin.save() [to be extended] For a task immediately after Executable.save.
Plugin.load() [to be extended] For a task immediately before Executable.load.
Plugin.finish() [to be extended] For a task immediately before Executable.finish.


DirectoryDataStore(*args, **kwds) Data-store using a directory.
SubDataStore(*args, **kwds) Data-store using sub-paths of parent data-store.
HashDataStore(*args, **kwds) Automatically allocated data-store based on hash of parameter.
MetaStore(*args, **kwds)
Logger(*args, **kwds) Interface to pre-configured logging.Logger.
Debug(*args, **kwds) Debug helper plugin.
Figure(*args, **kwds) A wrapper around matplotlib.pyplot.figure.
AutoUpstreams(*args, **kwds) Automatically execute upstreams.
DumpResults(*args, **kwds) Automatically save owner’s results.
DumpParameters(*args, **kwds) Dump parameters used for its owner.
RecordVCS(*args, **kwds) Record VCS revision automatically.
RecordTiming(*args, **kwds) Record timing information.
RecordProgramInfo(*args, **kwds)
RecordSysInfo(*args, **kwds)


OfType(*classes, **kwds) Attribute accepting only certain type(s) of value.
Required([desc]) Attributes required to be set before Executable.run.
List([trait, type, cast]) Attribute accepting only list with certain traits.
Dict([key, value, type, cast]) Attribute accepting only dict with certain traits.
Optional(*classes, **kwds) Optional parameter.
Choice(default, *choices, **kwds) Attribute accepting only one of the specified value.
Or(*traits, **kwds) Use one of the specified traits.
Link(path[, adapter]) “Link” parameter.
Root(**kwds) An alias of Link('').
Delegate(**kwds) Delegate parameter to its owner.
MyName([default, isparam])
OwnerName([default, isparam])
Constant(value) Convenient descriptor for declaring non-parametric property.
dynamic_class(path[, prefix]) Dynamic class loading helper.
ClassPath(default[, prefix]) Class path descriptor that imports specified class on change.
ClassPlaceholder(cpath, **kwds) Placeholder for an instance of the class specified by ClassPath.


setup_interactive() Configure compapp for REPL (e.g., IPython).