Datastore is the directory to put your simulation and analysis results. compapp may support more advanced data storage (e.g., data bases) in the future. See also datastore property.
nested class
owner class
owner app


class SubSimulator:

class MySimulator:        # owns SubSimulator
    sub = SubSimulator    # nests in SubSimulator

class MyApp:              # owns MySimulator
    sim = MySimulator     # nests in MyApp

In the above example:

  • MyApp is the owner class of MySimulator.
  • MySimulator is the owner class of SubSimulator.

In turn:

  • SubSimulator is a nested class of MySimulator.
  • MySimulator is a nested class of MyApp.

An owner class happened to be a subclass of Computer is called an owner app.

(Side note: the term owner is from the interface of Python descriptor; the object.__get__ method receives the owner class as its last argument.)

to be extended
Methods and properties marked as to be extended or TBE may be overridden (extended) by user-defined subclasses to implement certain functionalities. Note that the override is completely optional as oppose to abstract methods and properties which are required to be overridden by subclasses. In Python code, docstrings for such methods and properties are prefixed with |TO BE EXTENDED|.
composition over inheritance
See: Composition over inheritance - Wikipedia